About Us

A small practice with big goals.

We are a private psychiatric clinic created and run by providers. We are devoted to influencing a positive change in the lives of our patients. Our program integrates holistic health practices with modern medicine to help our patients improve the quality of their life.

We want to ensure that our patients receive proper care by establishing a treatment plan based on their individual needs. It’s also important to us to maintain continuity of care for patients who need to schedule regular visits. Telepsych For You offers convenient and cost effective access to behavioral health counseling and medication management.

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Meet the Team

Meet our Experties

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Kishore VaradaCEO/Chairman

is the CEO/Chairman of the Telepsych. He practices psychiatry in our sister clinics within the tri-cities, Walla Walla, and Bellevue. He is an experienced, highly individualized psychiatric provider who delivers compassionate care in a safe, confidential environment. Varada provides services in psychiatric evaluation and medication management that include new technological advancements in psychiatric treatments such as QEEG and TMS.

Email :chairman@varadprogram.com
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Farrukh HashmiMedical Director

Farrukh Hashmi, is the medical director of our clinic. He is a board certified psychiatrist. For the past two decades, he has worked with a variety of psychiatric patients within the Tri-Cities. A few of the psychiatric services Hashmi provides are: in-patient psychiatric care, out-patient psychiatric care, TMS and medication management.

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Cheta NandCertified Psychiatrist

Cheta Nand is a triple-board certified psychiatrist in sleep medicine, addiction medicine and psychiatry. He has been in practice in the Tri-Cities for more than two decades alongside Hashmi and Varada. Nand provides services in psychiatric evaluation and medication management for individuals between the ages of ten years old to adults.